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Foundations, corporations, fundraising events, annual giving and grants are just some examples of the ongoing support received by local CASA programs. Giving back your time as a board member is a fulfilling way to help make a difference for a cause that you love. If it is a mutual fit, you will be invited to participate in an upcoming virtual training cohort.


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The supervisor must make the referral at the time the supervisor approves the packet. Shared planning meetings or court events do not meet the requirement for a sibling visit. Can you be a foster parent and a CASA volunteer? Diversity plan that category below for the applicant currently providing data resources efficiently manages its role casa home visit form to evaluate and compelling justification to log out these cases. Explaining the Federal Financial Assistance Available to a Kinship Caregiver. Attachment A, was provided to the caregiver, signed by all adults living in the homewho have unsupervised access to the child, and uploaded into One Case. This guide may not be used or reproduced outside of Family Law CASA of King County for any purpose without written permission. CASA for the Highland Lakes Area recruits trains and supervises court appointed volunteers to advocate for children who come into the court system as a result of abuse or neglect.